The Middleborough Housing Authority (MHA) is governed by a Board of Commissioners. The MHA Board of Commissioners is made up of a five (5) member panel. Commissioners each hold five (5) year staggered terms. Four of the members are elected and the fifth member is appointed by the Governor. The Board of Commissioners meets every third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in the community room at Riverview Apartments 8 Benton Street.  Agendas are made public at the Town Hall. The Board of Commissioners are:

Chairperson: Arlene Dickens Term Expires: April 2019

Treasurer: Buddy Chilcot

Term Expires: April 2018

Commissioner: Nancy Thomas

Term Expires: April 2016

Commissioner: Veronica Haywood

Term Expires: April 2020

State Appointee: Thomas White

Term Expires: June 2016

Executive Director and ex oficio SecretaryJosephine Ruthwicz

Administrative Assistant: Donna Fontes

Leased Housing Coordinator/40B Housing: Julie Mather

State Housing Coordinator: Alyson Baldner

Maintenance Supervisor: William Enos

Maintenance: Roger Fillion

Barry Standish